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During my spare time, I love walking and exploring natural…
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Dear Everyone,

I was hesitating to write the last day of the year 2021 or the first of the new year 2022…I thought to myself let’s be original, creative, and innovative.

Having said that, I hope that you all had the time that you wanted or needed? Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be the same each year or relatively different for some of us 😊. I believe this is a personal perspective and approach whether we are religious, spiritual, or not…After 11 months, it is good to take the time to wind down and this can be a great opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones. Important to look after ourselves also.

Personally, I did not travel and relax, “Netflixing” lol and spending time with friends and loved ones over the phone that are living overseas, thanks to the technology! I have been more indoors than outdoors which was my choice, but it was lovely to feel a bit of normality even during this pandemic time. It was good to know that we could be gathered or go out even being respectful of social distancing and/or wearing masks…

What about you? Oh, I had an opportunity to meet a Warwick Research student coming from India, who stayed here for three months because of her Ph.D. I met her because she was my friend’s housemate.  It was lovely to exchange some research and academic knowledge. She loves to research and I could do it with some help too! 😊 I was impressed with her dedication to her studies because she traveled from across the world for it 😊

Going back to the holidays, well as Warwick students we have 4 weeks. My son spent his 2 weeks sleeping and watching films! I like to be a bit more active than that! Even when I was 16, I was very active but hey we are not the same generation and maybe there is a difference between teenage boys and teenage girls? I have been told that this is teenagerhood?! Any tips on this everyone?

Anyway, I would love to hear from you if you have a story or anything to reply to my blog? Another thing I wanted to mention, is the weather and the winter days. I am so glad that our days are getting slightly longer so we can benefit from more “daylight”. The temperatures have been warmer lately and it helps to reenergised us in a way.

On this note, did you take time to reflect on your 2021 year and make goals for 2022? Again, this seems to be a tradition, but I think that reflecting on ourselves and most importantly being grateful for what we have, what we achieved no matter how big or small is important as part of wellbeing and mindfulness. I would say the pandemic has affected the world but on a positive note and on a micro-level, some of us, took the opportunity to reflect on their life and purpose. Mental Health, tolerance, and mindfulness increased considerably, and I believe this is a good thing especially when we live in a fast society. We can only control so much but not everything.

To conclude for today, I wish you all, lots of love, health, and all the rest. Follow your heart and dream big!  Have a good evening and best of 2022 start 😊

During my spare time, I love walking and exploring natural…
Find out more about me Contact Cecile

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