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Reflection on third term of first year

So third term is over, and with it my first year of university…

I handed in my keys and headed back home with four suitcases and countless boxes and bags filled with my belongings. When my dad came to pick me up, he joked that  instead of the car, he should have hired a van. It was enough stuff for me to realise that my uni room really was a home away from home.

Third term was weird in that it was different from the first two. For English Literature, lectures and seminars stopped around three/four weeks into term, and my last essays were submitted, leaving me a few weeks before my two exams. It was essentially a few weeks of pure revision. My societies stopped events for exam season, leaving me with little to do. Because of this my sense of time perception was thrown off and I entered this weird spiral of procrastination.

It was all fine though. My intermittent studying was broken up by a two night stay at home and a trip to London for BTS’ first Wembley Stadium show. I cried…a lot ❤ My make-up ran into my eyes and I couldn’t see for all of the final song. Best night of my life.

I also had a Eurovision watch-party with some friends in my kitchen (we were more interested in listening to the music than soaking in the party vibe, which is why we didn’t watch on the Piazza), watched the Game of Thrones series finale and sobbed, and after our final exam, we walked in the pouring rain with no umbrellas from Westwood to Bar Fusion for a final celebration meal.

Two days later, I started rehearsals for a dance performance that me and the other execs from my society, Hip Hop Dance: EQHO were doing in an end of year showcase in the Arts Centre. This was my first time participating in not only a large group dance set, but also in an official theatre venue. I’d actually never been backstage before, and we had a dressing room, so that was really exciting. The performance went well and I’m proud of myself for taking part and for the hours I put in.

In the midst of rehearsal I had a free day that I used to have a solo shopping day in Coventry. I didn’t know but they have a fairly large Waterstones, which made me so happy because my store at home closed and I missed the smell of new books. I also had a trip to London for some dance classes, and this was my first time travelling to London on my own. I was more scared to do the travelling part than to take the classes which were far too intense for my dance ability, but as with anything, practise makes perfect, and I am now comfortable navigating the trains alone, and also took away some valuable lessons from dancing.  


Ultimately I’m shocked at how quickly this term has gone. Before I knew it, exams were over and my friends and flatmates were starting to move out one by one. Campus became quieter and it quickly became easy to get a seat in the library. After exams are over you’re free to go home, but I recommend staying for a while. Make use of the quiet to have some chill days for yourself, and schedule some final meetings with friends before the summer.  

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