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Reflection on term 2

I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
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Term 2 ended a week ago and it seems that it was yesterday when it started. It seems that yesterday we said goodbye to the last tests and to our closest friends. Term ends but it seems we still have thousands of things to do. Exams are coming and the start of revision is closer than we expect; because term 3 is scary and term 2 was so fast and intimidated.

However, what can I say about term 2, I enjoyed it! Yeah, it was hard, difficult at some points but it has so many good moments as well. Bad will not last forever and this is something we should always remember.

I would say that term 2 was a really busy term and stressful at some points. It seems our degrees have passed the middle and we are every day closer to the end; to the definitive end. but it is so bad or everything is just about perception?

In my opinion, it is just about time management. I was able to do everything I did in term 1 and even more; and yeah it is difficult but not impossible. Nothing is impossible if we fight for it!

Term 2 was a period of changes, responsibilities and fun. Everything was important to make it a time of joy with my friends. But yeah I was scared at some points because at least at the end of the term, we have many tests coming, many materials to catch up with, many events to attend, many things to do. It is all about priorities, about discovering which opportunities will be more beneficial to our future but not letting behind the academic work.

Because sometimes the unexpected plans are the best and you should never stop doing the things you love! For example, on March 8th I was invited to a conference on International Women’s day in London. I was not sure about going because I have a test the day after. I studied with time and the day before I bought the tickets and decided to go. I will never regret it! It was one of the best experiences, an opportunity to network with firms, meet new people and celebrate the successes women have made through time.

After the event, I walked around London with a friend. I just felt independent, free, so happy. Sometimes an unexpected trip could change your view of life, your view of all the opportunities you have and of all the opportunities you have to do.

Term 2 passed fast but I had a lot of time to enjoy myself with my friends. From coffee chats to trips around the UK.

Another highlight of my term 2 was when I went to Birmingham. First, it was just to buy clothes but then a friend told me she had a competition at the University of Birmingham the same day I was going there. I have never been to Birmingham uni before and I am not sure how I arrived there, but I did. And I will never regret that unexpected change of plans! Because friends are in the good and bad moments. My friend won that competition and I felt so proud at that moment and so grateful and proud I took the decision to go there. Maybe I am a brave woman after all.

Term 2 was a mix of feelings, and I will repeat everything again and again because I had the best time.

Look forward to what is coming now.

I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
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