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Reflecting on my first term at Warwick

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As term 2 is fast approaching, I thought I would take the chance to reflect on my first term at University!

Campus life 

I love Warwick’s campus, and it definitely was a contributing factor to my decision to come here. Everything is in walking distance, without the campus facilities feeling too close together. This has proven extremely convenient, for example when I need essentials and can pop to the Rootes store! Personally, I love the greenery of the campus (particularly the hidden Tocil woods) and can’t wait to see how everything blooms to life in the Spring!

The on-campus facilities are great, from the bars (Terrace bar is a personal favourite), to the cafes (Curiositea releases a new ‘specials’ menu each week!) to the restaurants! It’s clear why some feel they don’t need to leave campus (myself included), with everything needed on our doorstep! However, of the times I have travelled out of campus, I have really enjoyed Leamington Spa, and went to the Christmas light switch on there.


Societies are a brilliant way of continuing a much-loved hobby or trying out something different, as well as meeting new people! I tried out yoga for the first time and loved it! My only advice would be to not take on too many societies at a time, as balancing everything can become stressful once workloads kick in. 

The Student’s Union is a huge part of Warwick, not only holding events for students, but also by recruiting students to work in the facilities run by the SU each term, such as the cafes. So, if you’re after a part time job, keep checking the SU page! 

The Warwick Arts Centre holds fantastic events! I wasn’t even aware that the comedian Joe Lycett was coming to campus until my friend told me, and we went and had a brilliant time! I now know to keep my eyes peeled on the Arts Centre website! Brilliant films were shown towards the end of term, from a Harry Potter marathon to the classic, Love actually!

There are opportunities to get involved with Warwick Volunteers, which I hope to do in Term 2. Some societies run events in which you can volunteer through them, doing a range of activities, which could be a great use of your spare time!

Academic life

When searching for texts to use in essays, or for general research, the library is the place to go! I have used the library’s resources multiple times, and one of the great things is, some books are available online! I have not yet taken advantage of the 24-hour facilities, but there’s still time yet! I quickly realized that the most important part of an essay is the preparatory reading done beforehand – I might go more into this in a later blog. 

There are, however, plenty of other areas on-campus if the library isn’t your ideal setting for doing work. I really like the atmosphere within the Oculus building, with comfortable seating upstairs and a cafe downstairs. It has certainly proven a great location for conducting group work.

A definite realisation of mine has been that it is so important to not stay cooped up in your room all day. Even if its just chatting to your flatmates in the kitchen, or heading to the gym, a good balance between work and other activities is important! 

I hope that everyone has a positive start to the New Year!

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Abigail Booth | English Language and Linguistics with Intercalated year Contact Abigail
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    As a undergraduate who want to study in Warwick in the future, I am looking forward the time when I achieve my dream.


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