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Reflecting and planning: 2018

Follow-up to New year resolutions from Chemistry

This blog might be a little late but I have been ill since Saturday therefore lying in bed and not having the best time. Only hoping that I’ll begin to feel better well before term begins which is very soon. I have a lab on the Monday and I haven’t even done my prelab yet. Couldn’t properly message any of my friends to wish them a happy new year and basically just missed the fun.

I’m ill right now as well but bored so I’ll discuss the topic of resolutions for banter. So, above is the link to my blog from last year that I posted sharing my resolutions for 2017. Now that 2017 is gone, it is time to reflect upon how things went. So, if you’re not so keen to read the blog, the plan was to start sketching (like I used to do when I was eight-ish), learn Farsi and meet my Goodreads challenge. In a nutshell, I only managed to sketch a penguin that I had as my Facebook profile picture for a while (I know, creative), I don’t know any Farsi but I still have my Lonely Planet book worth £5 that I never looked at and finally, I deleted my Goodreads challenge because it was giving me stress.

So, that was a great example of resolutions failing but I don’t think I am too surprised or hurt. Those resolutions I had planned five minutes before writing my blog because I felt like I should have resolutions. I think it is really important to reflect upon the past year and ask yourself what went well, and what could have gone better and if so, how. It is important that whatever plans you make, you have a reason behind wanting to pursue it that motivates you to remain committed.

So, what’s the plan?

  1. Work on my diet. The motivation understandably comes from my current illness. If I had bothered to look after my health and eat properly then things would have been very different. So, as soon as I am back to normal, plan is to search up some sort of chart to eat healthy but also stuff that can be easily cooked, or even better just bought, like oranges? I’ll have a look and hopefully if I manage to stick to this resolution by the end of the month, I’ll blog about my approach to healthy eating. I remember when I used to queue up at school for meals, there was a poster that said, ‘To eat is a necessity. To eat intelligently is an art’. Remember that!

That’s it. That was my resolution. I am not even going to try to fool myself by saying I won’t procrastinate or start working on my deadlines early. Let’s be realistic here people. But yeh, all those of you who do have other resolutions, I would highly recommend giving some thought to the ‘why’ behind your desire to implement a change in your lifestyle. Giving yourself a reason to want to bring about a change will seriously be so motivational and it’ll enable you to work towards your goals with more enthusiasm and commitment.

2017 was a great year (no political jokes please). I got my first year results. I started writing for The Boar. I read six books. I did Sprint. I continued Bhangra. I did two interviews (so what if they were disastrous?). I dealt with exam stress. I had a super long summer for the first time. I cooked so much better this year. I went to the library from day one. I met new people and made friends. And I slept so much better even during exam season I was sleeping for like 10 hours. I cut down on my Twitter use recently and no Facebook distractions other than the Political Bible page.

To finish off, a very Happy New Year to everyone and see you soon on the second floor of the library!

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