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Red T-Shirts and Mystery Biscuits: #TechDifLive

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of Tom Scott, and so when I heard about the first ever Technical Difficulties Live recording of Citation Needed, I jumped at the chance. I got my ticket a couple of months ago, and the actual thing itself was on Saturday. At £11.74 including a booking fee, it was a pretty excellent deal.

I got the 08:00 train from Norwich, so that I’d have a few hours before the show in London. I ended up in the British Museum – I’d never been before, but it was well worth the visit. My favourite part was probably seeing Francis Towne’s watercolours of Rome, which had been donated on his death in 1816.

I made my way to Conway Hall for about 13:30 – the show started at 14:00, but I wanted to get a good seat. It seems like everyone else had the same idea, though – I was four rows from the back. I could still see everything, though, so all was good.

We had Jay Foreman as a warmup act – I wasn’t expecting him at all, and it’s only after coming home that I realised that I’d seen his video on the north/south divide before. He played a few of the songs from his CD, and they all really appealed to my sense of humour, so I bought the CD in the interval. I also binge-watched his YouTube videos when I got home – there’s a series of videos on various unfinished infrastructure projects in London.

For the main event itself, it was great! It’s all been filmed and may be put online at some point, so I won’t spoil what the topics they covered were, but both episodes were very interesting. It’ll be cool to see what makes it into the final version compared to the live version – the episodes online are considerably less "swear-y" than the stage version, and there were a few off-colour jokes that I’d be surprised if they made it through. It took about 40 minutes to record each episode, which are generally 15-20 minutes online, so I reckon quite a lot will be cut.


On the way out of the show, everyone was given the chance to take their very own Mystery Biscuits. Mine are Stem Ginger – I don’t particularly like ginger biscuits, but it was a little detail that made me smile on the way out.

Mystery Biscuits!

Overall, it was a great trip, and if they ever do another live show, I’d definitely be up for going again (and I’d probably bring friends next time – it’s the kind of thing where I want to talk about the content, but every other Tom Scott fan I know couldn’t make it).

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