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Red ribbons, autumnal prints and all the herbal tea in the world

Firstly, apologies for having let an inexcusably long amount of time go by since my last post. I think my unusual absence from the blogging scene just goes to show how final year really is well and truly in full swing. That, and the fact that today saw me pouring out my woes and worries over a herbal tea with the loveliest of ladies that is my personal tutor.

Yes, it’s been a tough term. In fact, almost two seasons have flown past since I was frantically trying to condition myself out of holiday mode whilst bidding farewell to summer, and updating you on the latest of the Lussana dramas.



All of a sudden first term is over and whilst the Christmas holidays have officially begun, I have to hand it to Warwick; they really hit the nail on the head…


With around 9000 words of essays awaiting me (excluding the copious amount of language work that doesn’t even bare thinking about) I must admit that the thought of going home and being looked after couldn’t sound any better.


On a more positive note, week 8 provided that much needed mid-term boost in the form of our Classical and Modern Dance showcase, at the Arts Centre…


Whilst offering a wonderful opportunity to laden on the red lipstick


Show night with my Contemporary chicas


‘On the Rise’

Despite being a self-confessed gym bunny, I have found that sometimes it is more important than ever to have something outside academia which can serve as a means for switching off from time to time. Yes, even if this is coming from (at times) one of the most stressed out and emotionally unstable human being that ever lived. Therefore, be-it dance, drama, or drawing, with Warwick currently boasting over 250 different student-led societies, there’s always an opportunity to either continue a hobby, join a sports team or start something new alongside your studies, and something I would strongly encourage. Even if it is just for an hour a week, we all need a little down time every now and then…she says…I’m sure I will need reminding of my own words of wisdom as I inevitably succumb to term two’s trials and tribulations.

So whilst I get back to my packing in preparation for driving home this evening, whilst downing pints of herbal tea and having once again maxed out both my library card and a good proportion of my god-send of an Italian flatmate’s too, my lasting message is to you all is hang on in there. Just think of those mince pies…

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