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Recounting my first day at Warwick

Your first day at uni is one which will absolutely fly past, but also be a very surreal and scary experience. As chaotic and crazy as it was, I still remember mine and look back fondly on it.


Before arriving

I woke up uncharacteristically early at the ripe time of 6 am. I was buzzing with excitement, constantly refreshing the Freshers page and our course group chat (one of the only ones which hadn’t died two days after creation). I started packing stuff into the car before my mum had even woken up yet, I was so eager to get there early and make sure I was one of the first into the flat.


You were able to collect your keys at 9 am, and I was literally the first person through the door when you could. I got my keys and was straight into Arthur Vick 3 (best accommodation on campus just saying). I found my room, unloaded everything and said goodbye to my parents. Only then did I feel nervous for the first time. I was sat in a room I’d never been in before, completely alone. I wedged my door open with a small leaflet we had been given, to make sure anyone who arrived could say hello to me. Looking back, I think I was almost too keen to meet new people.



As the day went on, two guys came into my room and we all played FIFA together. Aj and Chris, who are now two of my closest friends at uni. We went for a walk around campus, and as I had been there the longest, I was designated to lead us. We walked aimlessly, just chatting and taking in the new surroundings for a good hour or so. When we went back, we met a guy from the other kitchen (Rory) and he invited us in for a beer. I never thought the drinking culture at uni would’ve started that soon, but there I was with a beer at 11 am with a bunch of strangers. This awkward situation joined our two flats for the next year, and we are all friends now.



After having awkward drinks and everyone forgetting everyone’s names and asking the classic “What course/where are you from” questions, we went to Rootes Grocery Store to get some drink for the SU event that evening. However, when we got there with about 15 of us, most people admitted they already had drink and had been too awkward to say anything, so I looked like an alcoholic buying a litre of vodka. My lunch consisted of a super noodle and a can of beer, and my flat already saw the embodiment of student life that I would become.


This is where things became far more relaxed. Everyone started getting drink in them, opening up more and finally remembering each other’s names. Pre-drinks playing “never have I ever” made for some brilliant entertainment and stories, most of which are still joked about by our flat even now. The SU event of Saturday was one of the funniest nights of uni, everyone was very timid and shy but by the end of it we had 3 of us lying on the floor to chasing cars by Snow Patrol whilst everyone else stood around us dancing. I ruined one of my t-shirts and established myself as having a reputation of being a bit of a nutter, but I loved it none the same. When we got back, we sat and spoke for hours, before retiring ready to do the same thing all over again the next.


This is obviously a condensed version of events, and although it’s just a snippet, I hope it shows people that your first day is going to be crazy and awkward but just remember to love every second of it. My first day introduced me to some of my best friends, and I loved every second of it, and it set me up for a very, very messy freshers fortnight. Enjoy week 0, take some risks but above all: enjoy yourself.

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