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Reasons why moving early is useful!

The weather has been awful but the time has flown by. August is almost over and I still haven’t had a day where I just sit in my pj’s. However, that is also a sign that I haven’t spent much time studying. I have had my leisurely reads and enjoyed watching documentaries to inspire me to start my dissertation. But the productive procrastination needs to stop. I know exactly what field I want to focus on, so just hurry up and do it. No excuses.

Work life balance is something I struggle with. Knowing how to manage my time is very difficult. Since I like to give my full attention to my given tasks that ultimately means for me to drop everything else in my life and solely focus in that one thing. Even simple things like meeting up with friends go out of the window. I can only work on one task at a time when it comes to my studies. If I have any distractions my mind is all over the place and I begin to turn my focus on something less strenuous than making notes and reading.

This is why I am moving back to university early. I get to focus on my dissertation reading for a whole month. I have odd plans in September but I am moving back on the 4th and I’m so excited just to get back into gear and work to my own schedule and not to the schedule of my family at friends at home. At university all students understand, I’m sorry gut I need to focus on my assignment. But at home it’s different because I just want to spend time with my family and complete things that I pushed aside due to my studies.

My dissertation has branched off my article topic. For my article I’ve compared hellenistic art with ancient Buddhist art. I’ve loved just focusing on art and architecture because that is my strongest aspect within classics. Now for my dissertation I have been aiming to compare ancient indian culture to ancient Greek culture. I have been moving in between different fields and still finding it difficult to focus on one topic. I’ve read a few articles watched documentaries abs been reading some Indian primary sources such as the Mahabharat and the Bhagavad Gita. Things seem to be steering off to Indian philosophy since that is where alot of literature has already been written which will have me enrich my dissertation. However I also want to find something unique and important to me. Best thing to do is keep reading and communicate with your tutor.

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