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Reality about IATL modules

Currently, I am enrolled to an IATL module called ‘Reinventing Education’. It is worth 15 CATS and honestly, it’s the module I look forward to the most during the week. When choosing IATL modules here are some top tips to think about:

  • how do you like to be assessed? My module is a 2500 word education utopia or dystopia with some sort of creation. I’m planning to make a video explaining what I think should be taught in developing countries. Let’s see where my reading takes me
  • are you happy to contribute to seminars? Majority of this module is discussion and group work. It’s about being active with your learning. If you like to just relax and sit in a lecture for two hours, then this isn’t for you. This is one module where I honestly don’t check my phone because I’m fully engaged in the conversations.
  • Will this module benefit you in any way? I wanted to study this module because I want to develop a simple curriculum for charities to implement into schools in developing countries so children are taught the essentials to survive in different spheres of life. Others took this module since they are interested in changing the education system, are interested in politics and even want to become a teacher etc. There are plenty of reasons why you would be interested but the main thing is to be passionate and curious about learning about education as a whole.

This module is all about discussion and bringing out your ideas. It’s a time to consider other peoples opinions and to ask questions and decide whether you agree with them and why. Next term my module is going to be Gender and Violence, I’m very excited for that. It will improve my social awareness and develop my understanding about being a woman in the 21st Century.

Reading Week has started and I am in a better position than last year to start my essays, but you can definitely sense a difference between your relationships with my tutors. The third year is all about independent work and being able to assess yourself and knowing how to improve, that takes time and skill to be your own self-critic, but those who critic themselves are usually the greatest because they are continually monitoring their progress. Make sure you are eating and sleeping well. Keep up to date with your to-do lists and marking things in your calendar.

Rest over reading week as well, I’m finally going home for the weekend to see my family and recharge my batteries. Reading week is a time just to zone out of the uni madness and get ready to gear up for the most intense part of term 1. Assessments will creep up on you so quickly, the key to ensuring you don’t panic as much is to just start writing!!!. You can add to an essay and then cut down the waffle. I’ve been following my weekly deadline checks which have helped a lot because I’m forcing myself to stay on track.

Enjoy reading week, make it productive!

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