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Ready to fly?

On a recent trip to the coast, I was watching the seagulls ride the thermals.  The adults were confident and hovered effortlessly, with their feet tucked neatly under their tail feathers.  The adorable juveniles, however, were wobbly and their gangly legs flailed behind them.  So it was evident that practice, combined with age and experience equates to progress and proficiency.   Then there was one little, lone gull who sat on the top of a telephone box just watching the other gulls.  Perhaps he was shy, or just not ready to fly.

At the beginning of my academic journey I  was also flailing and wobbly in my self-confidence.  But, with practice I have definitely progressed. I am more confident in my abilities, although I certainly would not call it effortless!  I invest a LOT of time and energy in my work, but I am happy with the fruits of my labour.  I have learned new skills that I have had plenty of opportunities to practice.   But, there is a small voice in my head whispering, ‘What if you have forgotten how to study over Summer?‘  I guess we will find out very soon.

So, as I am getting ready to fly the academic nest (or am I?) I wanted to explore different opportunities, so I went to a careers advice session.  I recommend making an appointment if you want a different perspective.   Also, if there are careers you are interested in, talk to those who have been doing the job for years.  It can be an eye opener.

I do admire those who knew what they wanted to be when they were still in nappies.  But, that’s definitely not me.    It has taken me over four decades of experiences, ‘mistakes’ and growing self-awareness to really get to know and understand myself and what I love doing.    What I found helpful was the Myers-Briggs personality test:  If you know yourself better, then you can choose a path more suited to your personality, rather than choosing something you think you should do.

Another interesting link  offers information on jobs and postgraduate study.  They also offer a quiz which suggests potential career paths.  Although, my suggestions ranged from zoologist to librarian there were some interesting possibilities.  Nonetheless, it is definitely worth a look for inspiration and it might even highlight some jobs you never knew existed.

Whatever you decide – when you are ready, spread your wings and fly xXx

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