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Ready, Set, University!

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So it’s coming up to that time where most of you will be preparing for the big move to university and hopefully this post will help you with some last minute packing or even give you some inspiration with things you may not have even considered. 


My first big tip, however, for moving into halls at uni is something I didn’t even thing about when I was moving. I focused on buying new things that I NEEDED for my new life, and completely forgot about things at home that I love and use every day that I WANTED. So my biggest tip is to make sure you pack some of those home comforts that you have around you every day, whether it be a simple photo you have on your shelf or even a teddy that you’ve had for your whole life – it makes a huge difference when you’re trying to settle into a new place, especially if you get easily homesick.


Kitchen things…

Once you’ve got all your new pots, pans, and plates from Ikea the main thing I would recommend to do is buy an unnecessary amount of cheap cutlery and cups. It’s a well known fact that during the first few weeks of term at uni everybody’s cutlery and cups go missig – nobody knows where they go or how they get lost but I promise you all those spare cups will definitely come in handy!

Don’t stress too much about the smaller kitchen items like tin openers and kitchen scissors. I completely forgot about some of these things at first, but between everyone in the flat you’ll be able to borrow and lend everything that you need – it’s also a great way of meeting your flat and bonding together (and maybe even cooking together).

TUPPERWARE, TUPPERWARE, TUPPERWARE. I absolutely PROMISE you that you will lose and gain hundreds of different tupperware boxes and lids during your time at university and it’s definitely better to have more of it to begin with than less. In your first week at uni you’re definitely going to make far too much pasta one night and have to put it into about 5 different tupperware boxes to eat for the rest of the week – trust me. you’re gonna need them!

Room things…

As I mentioned before, don’t forget all your fave home comforts to help your new room feel like home, whether it be some cushions or pictures or anything else!

Warwick halls all provide bedding so don’t worry too much about filling your car with loads of pillows and a double duvet set. Maybe just bring your own covers to make your room feel a bit more personal?

During your time at uni you’re going to have to print things out and I highly recommend investing in a printer because the library printers can be a bit inconvenient if you have a tight deadline to meet. Mine was a really cheap printer from Ryman which I bought in my first year of uni and it’s still seeing me through all my assignments 3 years later. 

Other things…

Other than notepads and pens etc it’s always good to make sure you have a bag big enough for your laptop if you plan to take it to lectures. It sounds silly but so many of us in first year focused so much on the freshers aspect of uni and forgot that we would need things like pencil cases and backpacks! 

If you feel like you want to take an iron with you then by all means it’s a great idea. But almost everyone in your flat will have brought one too and you’ll probably only use it a handful of times between the whole flat so don’t worry if you decide not to get one at first and suss out the situation when you get there.


I hope this short and silly checklist has maybe given you some ideas of things to take with you to Warwick or even made you think of things you may have forgotten in all the chaos and excitement of moving! Feel free to comment with any other ideas or questions and for now, happy packing!

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Bethany Goodman | Language, Culture, and Communication Contact Bethany

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