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Ready for Uni: Prepping to study Biomed

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The summer before university is one usually associated with relaxing, unwinding and letting go of all the stress after years of GCSEs, A-level exams, studying and non-stop work. But with everything done, uni offers received, and nothing left to do but wait around for your results, it’s still important to start preparing to actually study at university.

Here are my biggest top tips for preparing to study a Biomed degree 🙂

Regardless of the universities you apply/get in to, the basis of all Biomedical Sciences courses is going to be similar. For starters, you will be looking at body functions on a molecular/cellular level. Your goal will be trying to understand how the body works, why it does what it does, and what all of the underlying mechanisms for this are. You’re also going to have more specific topics covered, and these are where the big differences between unis are going to shine through.

That being said, it is important to build yourself a basis of knowledge prior to coming to university. This will be very helpful when it comes time to start learning because you will already have an idea of what is being talked about. 

My top three places to do a bit of self-learning over the summer are 

1. Do a Futurelearn Course:

2. New Scientist Magazine:

3. Follow Biomed News:

Futurelearn is a website that offers online courses from various universities in all of the different topics. It is free to use, and you get to partake in an interactive online course based on a topic of your choice. It’s great to keep your mind working during the summer, and it helps you stick to a schedule. 

The New Scientist is a great magazine that offers subscriptions and is a good source for the latest news in all the different fields of science. At the moment they’ve released quite a few articles about the COVID-19 pandemic, looking at different sides of it. I strongly recommend either investing in a subscription so that you can get the most of the latest news. 

The third link is to a strictly Biomed site, where there will be new discoveries, research and progresses in various fields of research involved in Biomedical Sciences, and other related fields. It uses information from actual research papers and is a good place to start getting familiar with current events. 

Apart from learning throughout the summer, it is a good idea to take initiative and understand the meaning of what is going to be taught to you on the courses at your unis. Having a general idea of how the course will be structured, what topics will be covered and how it will be taught can help you to better isolate your summer readings, as well as prep you for taking in the knowledge when it comes time to attend lectures in terms time. 

It’s a good idea to have some knowledge of what current research in your fields of interest is being done at your university as well.  This will give you a topic of conversation with your lecturers and tutors and may give you an idea of something you might look into pursuing in the future. 

Apart from the actual biomed knowledge bit, it’s super important that you take the opportunity to get to know the people and the place that you’re going to be involved with and spending the next few years of your life with. Get involved in group chats and speak to the people who are going to be in your course. Make friends, get to know people, ask each other questions! You’ll find that you’ll be a lot more comfortable moving to a brand new place if you already have an idea of who’s going to be there, and what it’s going to be like. 

Wherever you find yourself in the summer before you leave for university, whether that is this summer, next, or some summer far away in the future, take these tips and make the most of your time, getting ready for all aspects of studying your course at university!

Here’s my youtube video to go along with the blog! 🙂


Russian Federation (the)United States of America (the)
Maya Surprenant | Biomedical Science with Industrial Placement Contact Maya

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