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Ready for Term 2?

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Happy New Year! Hopefully you’re having a happy, restful break after a hectic term. Whether this is your first year at Warwick or you’re a seasoned student, we all feel like there

While we still have a week or two before we set foot on campus again, you might be starting to think about preparing for the new term. With the attitude of ‘New Year New Me,’ I’m taking advantage of the new year motivation to think about how I can ease myself into the new term, and thought I’d share my tips for getting ready for Term 2.

  1. Rest and relax!

This is definitely my priority for the Christmas break! Terms at Warwick are 10 weeks long, and I’ve always found them to be jam-packed. As much as I enjoy being busy and making the most of what uni has to offer, the fast pace usually leaves me pretty tired by Week 10. For that reason, I’ve been enjoying taking some proper time off. I know the new term will bring plenty of work and fun things to fill my time with, so I want to make sure I start the term with lots of energy! So if you haven’t already, try and find time for a film or two, a quiet day in, and catch up with family and friends.

2. A little bit of organisation goes a long way

If you’re starting to think about the new term and, like me, have made a resolution to stay a bit more on top of things, a bit of pre-term organisation might be a good place to start. It could be as simple as making a list of your priorities or things you’d like to get done, or planning ahead for an essay deadline, or ticking off a few admin tasks. If there are any small tasks you can get out of the way now, you’ll thank yourself when term kicks off! I always find it much harder to get organised when I’m busy and in the midst of term, so I’m hoping some good intentions now might help me stay more organised in Term 2!

3. Make time for what you enjoy

It’s so easy to get swept up in deadlines and commitments during term, but it’s really important that you make time to do what you enjoy too. Finding balance can be difficult, but now is a great time to think about how you can manage your time for things other than essays and exams! It might be a weekly film night with friends, or going to a sports club a couple of times a week, or setting aside some time to cook something more exciting than the usual student cuisine — whatever it is, time spent doing what you enjoy is important. Maybe you can think of things you want to prioritise alongside uni this term.

Hopefully you’re looking forward to the brand new term and making the most of your time at Warwick (as a wise old Third Year, I can assure you that it flies by!). In the spirit of resolutions, what do you want to get out of Term 2? What can you do now to make that a little easier for yourself?

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your Christmas break and the beginning of 2022!

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