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Ready for semester two

Hi everyone,

Firstly, apologies for not posting as regularly lately – I have had limited internet access due to my travels and then became busy during orientation week. Now that I am back on campus I can assure you that I will go back to writing often!

I have finalised my units for this semester and began my classes two days ago. Honestly, I am SO excited to be back on campus. Travelling around Australia was truly awesome and I met the most incredible people doing so. However, with the immensely long break, there were moments when I couldn’t help but think about how much I would love to just write an essay or do some academic reading. This has helped me begin the semester more positive than I ever have, and having already completed a semester at Monash I am more confident that I can do my best.

I have really enjoyed getting to know the new residents in my halls (I am in the same accommodation and room as last semester). Everybody living in my ‘stairway’ (i.e. flat) is a new resident except for my neighbour James so there have been a lot of new faces!

The first week or so of being back has involved a mixture of orientation activities and catching up with some of my friends from last semester. I actually met a friend from Warwick on exchange here at Monash *shout out to Camille* two days ago. We became friends with her reading my blog posts and emailing me a question so if you are reading this thank you pal 🙂


*Shout out to Marcus too*


*Shout out to my friends Jess and Britt*


Went for an Indian meal in Clayton

This semester I am taking a few modules which focus on Indigenous Australia. I am really excited about this because I knew very little prior to coming to my study abroad, and so this is a really good opportunity to learn about the culture. During my first semester, I took a module called “Exploring Contemporary Australia” and I recommend this to absolutely anybody, whatever your actual degree is in! I had a lot of science students in my classes and they really enjoyed it. Field trips are included in the module (they vary every semester, I had a tour of the Yarra River and attended an AFL match).

I am starting to think about when I want to go back home. *cries*, I want to leave a few weeks after the exam season to spend some time with my friends and potentially go back to the UK early July. It is pretty surreal how quickly this semester is going and in general, just how much the year has flown by. I have learnt so much about myself and the cliche is definitely true: you feel yourself growing as an individual. Being forced to get out of my comfort zone is possibly one of the best things that could have happened to me and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity!

Next week I am going to St Kilda beach for Holi – the festival of colour. I am really excited because there is a lot of people from halls going which will make it really enjoyable to celebrate!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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