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Reading Week

Hi everyone!

With lectures and seminars beginning tomorrow, today is the last day of reading week. Hopefully, this post will clarify any questions you have about it (feel free to post any and I will do my best to answer!).

What is reading week?

Reading week is a week of no seminars and lectures (here at Warwick it is in week 6 of term 1 and 2). This gives you time to catch up on any reading you have to do, or start preparing for essays. Not all courses have this – it’s intended for subjects which require a lot of reading such as humanities and languages. Some subjects such as Accounting and PPE have a reading week for some of their modules, but not all so it would be best to check this, especially if you have chosen to do optional modules outside of your department as they may have a different structure to your home department.

Since everybody is using this time to catch up on reading, it would be a good idea to look through which books you may need beforehand, and order them in the library before they are taken. This is particularly important if you want to work on an essay since you don’t want to find yourself wasting the week simply because you don’t have the books necessary!

In addition to this, reading week is a good time to get involved in society events without workload stress. For instance, the debating society, Warwick RAG and the international relations society all continued to hold events during the week. The Politics Society held a “Women in Politics” talk event on Tuesday, which Suzanne Evans (Dep Chair of UKIP) and Sarah Cope (Chair of the Green Party Women’s Committee) attended. There was a lot of debate and discussion around representation, positive discrimination and the barriers facing women.

The campus tends to be empty as a lot of people decide to visit their friends in other universities or go back home for the week. I decided to spend half the week on campus and went back home for during the second half, for an event held in the Wembley Stadium where the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi gave a speech along with David Cameron (as a politics student, this is the highlight of my week!).

Don’t pressure yourself too much during reading week, enjoy it! Getting the balance between work and your social life is key!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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    Does a Physics student in Warwick have the reading weeks?


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