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Reading week

So reading week is upon us. This time I am definitely going to be using it the right way.


As I live on a boat I have nearly continuous maintenance to do, so the first two days of the reading week were actually spent trying to prevent water from coming in my side hatch by putting a new metal hood over the existing small one. I have also discovered my big alternator that charges up my batteries is not working so that will be my next maintenance project.

I’d also be interested in converting my log burning stove into a power generation unit, but fear it is beyond my technical expertise. 


My partner and I attended a couple of social things in Birmingham in the last few days so moved our boat closer to the town centre. It also shortens our journey to Warwick University by twenty minutes so we will stay here until we pop in to Uni for a library research day.


I have only one imminent essay to write at 1,500 words and it is only a formative, or practice, essay for Capitalism and its alternatives.  By the time I write an introduction and conclusion there is not much left to write in the main body. However, I can answer a similar question in the summative essay and it is useful to get feedback.


I am also getting a jump on my Sociology project by deciding early the type of research project I am doing and getting my ethics form in early. It would be good to get ahead of where I need to be this year. Last year I managed to do all but one piece of work on time, but this year counts towards the final grade and I want to take the pressure off.


One of the main reasons I want to use this reading week well is so that I can get on the campaign trail for the upcoming general election. I am not going to endorse any particular political party here, but I would like everyone who reads this to make sure they are registered to vote, in particular where your votes count the most for your chosen party, as students can either vote at their home or student address.

I will let you know how productive my reading week was in about two weeks time.


  • Karen Burns

    I am glad to hear that your reading week is proving productive. I have found sources for my 1st essay and have written 636 words so far. Only 2364 words left to write lol. Having a day at the Uni Library tomorrow, so as to knuckle down and get more of the essay written.


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