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Rating Study Spaces Around Campus

With term 3 approaching, everyone is drowning in exams and deadlines so here’s my comprehensive guide on which study space you should pick. This goes without saying but obviously this is my opinion so you have to try it out for yourself and do what works for you. But anyway, no one has time to read a massive post at the moment so let’s just get started. 

1. FAB (Faculty of Arts Building) – 8/10

I love this building. The location is incredible and it looks absolutely stunning. I don’t know if it’s just me but I find that working in an aesthetic space is a lot more motivating. Each floor is reserved for a different subject so I can only really speak for the 5th floor (which is for the English Department). I really like the spaces provided to us and that we can pick between a social space and quiet space. It’s also really handy for me because it’s right there after class and so I can’t have the excuse that I’m too lazy to walk to a new building!

It also has loads of study spaces scattered around but a massive negative is that it gets so busy and unless you go to FAB first thing in the morning, you’re unlikely to find a place to sit. The uni has recently announced that they’ll be banning STEM students from studying in it this term so this issue might get better. Another problem is that not all of the desk spaces have plugs (although most do). 

2. Library Collaborative zones – 6/10

I’m really torn about this one because this space has been recently renovated so it’s super comfy and it also looks really cute, but I also don’t do my best work in social environments. I get distracted super easily so I usually need quiet spaces to work effectively. It’s also much colder than other parts of the library and other study spaces in general. Most people I know love this space and I do enjoy sitting in it to do chill work with my friends when I’m not that pressed for time. 

3. Library Quiet Zones – 9/10

These are probably my favourite areas to study. I tend to get the most work done here and I find it motivating to be surrounded by people who are also focused on their work. 

The only problem is that it can feel pretty monotonous and depressing if you’re there all day so it’s important to take social breaks every once in a while. It’s also annoying that some people don’t respect the fact that it’s meant to be a quiet zone, but being a Library Associate means that I have no shame in telling them to be quiet or sit somewhere else!

4. Library Silent Zones – 4/10

These are only the two rooms on either side of the 2nd floor extension. I’m really not a fan because one of the sides doesn’t even have plugs and it also makes me feel like a criminal for turning a page or dropping a pencil. I tend to avoid this space because even though I enjoy the silence I’m quite a fidgety person so I think I’m too loud for it. The best thing about it is that people tend to actually respect the silence. 

. Green Room – 7/10

This place is super cute: it has plants everywhere and most of the seats are really comfy. You also get plugs and a radiator if you sit by the wall. I also think that the coffee they have is absolutely incredible and I love that I can just order it on my phone. 

It’s a really nice space for the morning but it gets super busy and loud later on in the day, so it’s also pretty hard to find a seat if you go to campus in the afternoon (although this got better after FAB opened). It’s a nice place to have meetings and do groupwork though. 

7. Rootes Learning Grid – 2/10

I know loads of people who only study in this space and absolutely love it. It has comfy couch seats and its location is good but for some reason I really don’t like it. I only worked there once and never went back but I found that the lighting and couches made me too sleepy to work. It can also get really loud. 

So here’s a rundown of some of the study spaces on campus. We of course have loads and most departments have their own so I’ve only covered the ones I’m familiar with. I hope this was useful in helping you pick your go-to study spot but remember, try them for yourself before you make up your mind! 

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