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Rating Coffee Shops Around Campus

What’s a degree without coffee? Most of us either go into uni already addicted to caffeine or develop an addiction throughout the process. If you’re crazy like me, you might have already googled what coffee shops there are nearby before even enrolling at Warwick, so here it is: a rundown of the main cafes around campus (at least the ones I regularly visit) and how good I think they are. 

I love getting an iced oat latte with a few extra shots to sip on throughout the day so if you’re wondering about why I keep mentioning ice, my morning is usually ruined by the heartbreaking remark of “we have no ice”.

Nero: 8/10 

You get double stamps for bringing your own cup and the staff are so sweet. It’s also in the gym so a cheeky reward after training. A lot of people park at the gym if they drive to campus so it’s easy to pop in and get a coffee before you head to central. They’re also building a new one in FAB (faculty of arts building) as we speak so can double up on those rewards stamps.

Would have been a 10 but it is quite expensive. The app does give a lot of rewards which can make it a bit cheaper, but extra sad if you’re international like me and your phone doesn’t let you download it. 

I love their iced drinks and they’ve never, not once (please dont jinx me) ran out of ice. 

Curiositea: 10/10 

Love the place. So aesthetic and cute and I love that there’s a new menu every week. They have loads of vegan options and it’s a bit cheaper than the other cafes around campus, especially if you stick to basic coffee. Their iced drinks could use a little more ice but apart from that super cute, would recommend.

Pret: 4/10 

The pret queues are life sucking! If you’re like me and are always running late, it’s just not the one. I also find the coffee kind of bleh and it’s quite expensive. Their drinks do have enough ice though (that is for when they actually haven’t ran out of iced drinks all together!) 

Library cafe: 7/10 

It’s not the best I’m not gonna lie, but it scores high on convenience. I’m always working in the library and I like popping down to the cafe for lunch, there’s always someone to have a quick chat with while you eat. The coffee is alright although they hardly ever have ice. The food needs work, I wish there were more options other than deep fried or covered in cheese. 

I also think it closes a bit too early, especially considering that the library is 24/7. We need a 24/7 supply of caffeine to fuel those essay crises! Because let’s face it, no one actually uses the 24/7 library facilities unless in a massive pinch. 

So here it is, a run down of some of the most popular cafes on campus. Of course, this is just a bit of fun so don’t take it too seriously, it’s just what I tend to ramble to my friends about whenever we get a coffee from these places. 

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