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Random things no one tells you about first year (which are actually quite important)


Circuit Laundry is the actual devil – Circuit Laundry is the laundry system in place in halls in Warwick. It is terrible, overpriced and the bane of any first year’s life. You can choose between using an app or a card to pay the machine (because spare change would be too easy.) I used the app and, let me tell you, this was the biggest mistake I made of the entire year. There was spotty WiFi in the laundry room, so often the app didn’t connect. Or it would say it had but it hadn’t. Or it would say it hadn’t but it had. I saw people with the card just effortlessly tap the machine and walk away, while I was still trying to get the machine to recognise my phone and start washing my clothes. Even though I never used it, I would still recommend the card over the app (although you do have to pay, like, £2 to buy the card). 

There are certain times when everyone wants to do their laundry – a Saturday afternoon, for example. I started doing my laundry on Thursday mornings, when no one was around for two reasons: 1) the machines are always free and 2) no one will see you cry when the app doesn’t work.

House hunting starts way sooner than you think it will – like, November time. Get your act together soon because people will snake houses out from you and you might end up living in a tiny house far away from clubs and transport links. Or in Canley.

The National Express buses only take exact change but Stagecoach will give you change – I don’t know why, just accept it.

Tesco is not a 10 minute walk from campus – it depends on where you live. My accommodation was far away, which added an extra 10 minutes onto my journey time. You can get supermarket deliveries, figure out a way to cut off that 10 minutes (I usually did my shopping after a lecture that was in a block nearby Cannon Park) or just accept your fate and bring a rucksack if you live in a block that’s a bit of walk from central campus.

Circling is weird and will stay weird – unpopular opinion but one I believe is valid: circling is a weird thing to do. It’s a Warwick tradition to sit around in a circle, in fancy dress, drinking purple (cider, beer and blackcurrant mixed together. If it sounds grim it’s because it is) and playing drinking games which are not explained to you beforehand. I had some great times at circles, they are really fun, but honestly they were bizarre to me in first year, I still think they’re bizarre, and I always will.

Go to the library induction! – I did not and I am still paying the price. There are moving shelves in the library and I don’t know how they work and I’m honestly a little scared of them. Go to your induction because the library is a confusing place that you need to understand.

The humanities block is never the right temperature. Layers are your friend.


There are geese. They are aggressive. Don’t underestimate them. 

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