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Quotes for a Student in 2021

I don’t know if sitting alone in my room while I’ve been ‘going‘ to uni for the past months has made me more reflective but I can say for certain that I’ve been paying much more attention to words. Bare with me a moment while I explain.

I just mean to say that they seem to have so much more meaning these days and, again, this could just be melodramatic but I like to lose myself in books, song lyrics, motivational speeches and anything else involving words really. Quite often this is counter productive because I find myself so invested that I lose touch with reality and quickly realise I’ve lost a whole chunk of time but, there are some quotes that just stick with me and recently, have helped get through the days.

So I thought I’d share a few examples of what I mean.

‘Not everything was better in the past’

– Fink, Not Everything Was Better in the Past

This is both the title of, and a line in a song by Fink which I listen to a lot, especially at the moment. With so much having changed, it’s easy to get fixated on what we can’t do and what we have lost. This is my way of reminding myself to look for the good in the change – new hobbies, new discoveries, some of the benefits of having things online – and to focus on them just for a moment.

‘And up is now down

Up is now down

All I thought I knew is turning around

All I thought I knew is deep in the ground’

– Tender Central, The Game

Another one about change. This is from a new album and I just like the reference to all I thought I knew. Again, it seems very appropriate to the present and I just like that this song is so beautiful that it also makes be believe that perhaps the change, though scary and confusing, isn’t all for the worse.

‘A long life is not a question of years. A man without memories might reach the age of a hundred and feel his life had been a very brief one.’

Graham Greene, Travels With My Aunt

This one is rather bitter sweet but I’m choosing to see it as a wake up call and a map for the future. Many of us have become more reflective in lockdown and as frustrating as it has been to be stuck inside and cursed with uncertainty for months, we have each been given an opportunity to reset and rethink our approaches to our own lives. So why not look to make positive change once all of this is over?

This quote has given me a strange sort of hope and excitement for the return to normality.

Then there are others that offer less optimism.

‘He wondered how all his old virtues had become failings. His calm, his patience, his love of deliberation, his rationalism and fairmindedness-all were now flaws.’

Josiah Bancroft, Senlin Ascends

At times over the past few months I have felt as though I have had to abandon everything I know and everything I have spent my first two years at university learning how to do. It has been a bit demoralising to feel as though all of that was for nothing.

What I like about this quote though is more to do with what comes just after which is the protagonists decision to instead use his flaws to his advantage. Rather than using his skills, he finds a clever way to work around the problem. To me, it highlights the need to be adaptable and not to see everything in the worst possible light.

But to end on a positive note.

‘Come in from the confines of your own mind my dear

‘Cause worry is all you’ll find there it’s clear

And tomorrow will always come

And tomorrow may well bring the sun.’

Ben Howard, Three Tree Town

It won’t surprise people who know me to see that Ben Howard made it in here somewhere but there is so much positivity to be found in his lyrics. One of his recent releases, What a day, just makes me smile every time I hear it (which is a lot) and this quote always lifts me up and reassures me that even if today hasn’t been great, tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start.

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