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Questions asked by a fresher

For this blog I asked my sister who is starting uni in September to ask me some uni-life related questions so here are my replies:


1. What is a typical night out like inside the uni?


I knew this is what my sister would ask me first as she LOVES a good night out. In first year I mainly went out to pop on campus and Kasbah in Coventry.

You can purchase club tickets from the uni express which gives you entry and return travel to Leamington/ Coventry or from ticket reps who sell queue jumps (which includes just entry). During freshers you can buy a freshers pass which includes entry to all of the SU events. Societies will also run events throughout the year, including nights out in Birmingham. This year we have our first ever week 0 which is a lecture free week you can use to get to know your housemates & take part in societies/ nights out. 


In second year I went to smack & neon as I live in Leamington. We’ll start the night with pre-drinks at our house & then go out around 11/12, ending the night around 3 with a Vialli’s kebab. I go more often to a bar/ pub with my housemates and to watch football (and as the premier league has started I’ll have this for the next 9 months); unsurprisingly my housemates are all lads. We also go to the cinema a lot of nights, play videogames and cook together. 



2. Do you get a lot of free time during term time ?


At Warwick there are 3 terms each lasting 10 weeks. You make your own free time but in term 1 & 2 you get a lot more than 3rd term which is full of revision.


The first month or so should be to get used to uni life; saying yes to socials & societies you want to try out and spending time with your new friends. In economics we have tests in the final week of term so I normally spend weeks 7-9 revising, week 10 relaxing and enjoying with friends. If I don’t understand something after a lecture, I go over it until I get it and this made my final term a lot less stressful. I give myself weekends off to explore the area, be with friends & just enjoy uni life. It’ll fly by!


3. Shared bathroom or ensuite?


I’ve experienced both. In first year I had en-suite and now shared (but I only share with guys so it’s always clean & I never have to wait to use the bathroom). Would you rather spend around £20 extra on your own bathroom or a couple of takeaways a week?


To be honest I really liked it in first year as moving into halls is a huge change and this made it more comfortable. I’m currently working in London & sharing a bathroom with 5 girls which I find hectic, messy and too busy as we have the same schedules. However, at uni you never normally have to wait as everyone has different timetables. 


4. I have a car, do you recommend bringing this to uni?


In first year no as there’s no parking if you live on campus (unless you have extenuating circumstances). However, in second year if you live in Leam or Cov I know a lot of people (including myself) who have it & it’s really handy. It isn’t necessary as the unibus is great & your house may not have parking spaces though.


5. Is there much to do outside the university, like cities to visit close by?


So much! For a day trip, London is just an hour away or Birmingham is 30 minutes by train. There’s so much to do in Leamington Spa or Coventry (where students live in second/ third year). You can go shopping, to the cinema, bowling, ice skating, escape rooms, a huge IKEA etc etc. There is a huge variety of bars, pubs and restaurants too. Writing this is making me so excited to get back to uni!!


I hope this blog was useful to prospective uni students and congratulations if you got into Warwick. Hope those of you who want to come to Warwick enjoy your pints of purples and circles from September!

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