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Quarantine Vlog #3: Celebrating Ramadan in a Pandemic

Hello everyone! I’m back this week with another vlog on celebrating Ramadan in these unprecedented times

I guess I need to clarify what Ramadan is before we begin. The holy month of Ramadan is celebrated by Muslims all over the world. While it is known to be a month where Muslims fast (abstaining from eating, drinking, amongst other things etc) from dusk till dawn, it is more than that. Ramadan is about spending more time with our God, Allah SWT the most Gracious, who has blessed us with this life, which is worth living for.

Typically, we would celebrate the end of our fast by going to mosques, or in my case, the Prayer Hall in Warwick University (my favourite place in the uni) and break our fast and socialise with the people in the prayer hall. We would also do tarawih prayers and recite the Holy Quran together.

However, this is not possible with the current situation we are dealing with, and it changes things, especially for people like me, who would frequent the prayer hall.

This vlog is evident of how I can actually celebrate Ramadan even when I am at home. God has blessed me with housemates and quarantine buddies who also celebrate Ramadan the same way as I do, and that itself is something to be so grateful for.

This vlog is so dear to me, and it is a reminder to be grateful for what I have been blessed with. Enjoy!



  • Dami

    Great video Qurratuain! I pray you have an edifying and enriching Ramadan! :))))


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