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Q&A about Foundation

Today I’m going to answer some typical questions students usually have about the Foundation course in Warwick.

1. Is it easy to make friends?

This is the second year when Foundation students are living on campus. The first day I came, I met few people in my accommodation, namely in my kitchen and outside the block. So I didn’t feel alone even into first few hours in campus. Everybody is new here, everybody wants to meet someone, so the society is really friendly!

2. Where will I live?

Last year and this year foundation students were living all together in the same accommodation (blocks), where there were only few undergraduate students. Last there they lived in Heronbank, but this year we have been living in completely new blocks of Sherbourne residence. However, next year everybody will live together with undergraduate students in different accommodations. (Undergrads and IFP students apply through the same system for 2018/2019 academic year).

3. Can I communicate with other university students?

I think now you understand that you do. In accommodation, in the grocery shop, in the societies, I the gym. Because you live on campus! (where everybody knows everyone).

4. Will teachers help me?

I should say that the help of my teachers and my personal tutor gave me valuable support during the whole year. Teachers do always answer your questions, they can give you additional materials, re-explain the topic, and you can arrange a one-to-one meeting! The personal tutor is your friend and supporter who helps you with your wellbeing, studies, accommodation.

5. Will I be supported with UCAS?

Yes, you will! Your personal tutor as well as some other members of staff are aware of everything connected with your university applications. They will answer ALL your questions, give you advice about the courses and universities. And no one will force you to apply to Warwick if you don’t want to. Everybody wants to help you to find the best pathway to your dream life!

6. How difficult is Maths?

This year Maths was included into three courses (Maths and Econ, Business and Econ, Science and Engineering). They say that the most difficult Maths modules are on Maths and Econ course. I had a good Maths background, but there were still some topics I have studied from the very beginning during this year. So if you’re very-very(!) unsure about your Maths, you can choose Business and Economics course. But I felt good on Maths and Econ and overcame easily the distinction border of 70%. Maths level on the Science and Engineering course is between the first two courses. In order to make you feel more confident, here are the topics we have covered in Pure Maths module: Functions and Graph Sketching, Partial Fractions, Trigonometry, Binomial Series, Logarithms, Vectors, Conic Sections, Differentiation, Integration, Complex Numbers, Numerical Solution of Equations, etc.

7. Is it possible to get 70% in all 4 subjects and get into the university?

Obviously it is! I think that you just have to work. You can feel how and how long you have to work to be confident in the subject. You want, you work, you can!

I tried to answer some common questions about the foundation course. Some questions I had before I came to Warwick! I’m sure there is much I haven’t covered, so feel free to ask questions in the comments!

Have a great summer!

  • Dissara

    Hi all the info above was v useful. Thank you so much!!!


  • Dissara

    Thank you so much for the advice !!!


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