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Protect your Asian friends

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Good morning gamers, I hope you’re all well. As we all know, the coronavirus is spreading rapidly as we speak. As of March 6, there are currently 163 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK with two deaths. There is a common belief that the elderly, disabled and children are the only ones susceptible to contracting the virus, however it is crucial for everybody to realise that a virus does not choose certain groups to infect. Therefore it is essential that you follow the instructions given by the government. Wash your hands before and after you eat or prep for a meal. Avoid touching your face or other’s faces when your hands are not clean. Cover your mouth and simply follow basic hygiene rules. Any concerns students have can be directed to the Student Support. Luckily there are many options for when you have concerns about the virus; wellbeing services are here to ease nerves and direct you to a health plan if needed. The university itself has an entire page giving instructions and advice relating to the virus, thus there are so many options for if you need help.

The main reason I am writing this blog today is in concern of the safety of Asians in the UK. Our campus has many international students from Asia that may not be able to make it home for the Easter holidays due to cancelled flights and public concerns over travelling in general. Much like the Ebola disease, there are many people who feel the need to poke fun at or make jokes surrounding the virus. It is natural and expected of our generation to make memes about anything bad that happens in the world due to our incapability to take things seriously but in this case it is becoming increasingly more worrying for Asians in the UK. On March 3 there was a racist attack in Oxford Street against a Singaporean student. The attackers of Jonathon Mok racially stereotyped and abused him whilst accusing him of having the coronavirus, which is disgusting but expected behaviour in this country. Globally Asian people are being harassed, mocked and stereotyped due to the coronavirus which originated in China. In New York an Asian woman was attacked in the subway whilst being verbally abused by her attackers. In Australia a Chinese student was attacked on his way home from his fencing classes.


My Asian friends from home (London) tell me that people move away from them on the bus or cross the road and even sanitise their hands after looking at them. The treatment of immigrants in the UK has never been perfect but in times of global crises it is clearly becoming worse. The coronavirus does not give you an excuse to be racist. Silence is not the answer either; if you see an act of discrimination on campus you should report it and make sure the victim is okay. Reports can be made to Well being Support Services and the Campus Security Team. In times of global stress, we should all treat one another with respect and equality. Be safe, be clean. Bye guys 😀

Shayni Solanki | Ancient History and Classical Archaeology Contact Shayni

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