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Ysabel Loh
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English and Theatre Studies Hi there! I’m Ysabel or Yzzy as my friends like to call me. I’m a final year in English and theatre studies and have done over 12 major productions over my academic years. I was born in London but grew up on a tropical island in Penang, Malaysia where I attended an American International boarding school. Hence, most of my friends come from different cultures such as America, Canada, Korea, and Malaysia. In my blog posts, I will be writing on life as an international student abroad as well as the theatre and musical life that is going on campus. Keeping you all updated with the performing opportunities in university is one of my goals as well as to help any fellow international students feel at home away from home. If you would like to see my journey as an ethnic minority in the arts, feel free to check out my instagram where I share more personal posts, videos, and pictures about my life: yzzy_in_gotham. Feel free to come up and message me about anything as I am heavily involved in Malaysian Student Association and Musical Theatre Warwick as well as all the other drama societies on campus. All the best x Yzzy

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