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Sophie Schremser
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Hi everyone ! My name is Sophie Schremser and I am a second year student of “Language, Culture and Communication” at the University of Warwick, hoping to one day work in the luxury industry. French-Austrian, born and educated in Germany, I passed the European Baccalaureate, in the English section of the European School of Frankfurt in 2015. Growing up in a multi-cultural environment initiated a strong sense of wanting to understand other people and triggered the idea of being part of something bigger. It seems natural to me to be attracted to a course revolving around communication – that is what my whole life has been about ! I spend my free time in art galleries, with friends, or calling home. I know how hard it can be adapting to a new chapter in your life, so I hope to be as helpful as I can be. Please feel free to leave me comments or questions about my experience at Warwick, that is why I am here ! Sophie

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