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Shaumica Saravanabavan
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Hey everyone! My name’s Shaumica and I’m a third year Chemist at the University of Warwick. Deciding to pursue a degree in this field came with my pure passion towards science. I must admit, Chemistry has always been my favourite, and I don’t know if this is because of the delivery of the material being that great by my teachers, the subject being that intriguing, or a combination of both. But as of now, I’m loving every bit there is as a Chemistry student here at Warwick. Blogging is something that has always been in the back of my mind, but I never really knew what I’d start off with. When I saw the opportunity to become a student blogger here at university, I thought I’d give it a shot. To tell you all a little bit more about myself, I’ve lived in Coventry for the past seven years and coming to Warwick was always my wish from the moment I first saw it during a school visit (it was love at first sight.) Not only is Warwick worldwide highly recognized, but its new teaching labs within our department and the great network of resources available has allowed me to explore everything taught as not only an undergraduate chemistry student, but also beyond. Lecturers are always willing to go the extra mile for us with all the workshops, extra seminars and tutorials. This is something that deserves great respect and appreciation I think. Especially because I realise that they might have other commitments as well such as doing their own research. With regards to other commitments around university, I am currently a member of the SSLC. I take part in meetings and discussions around any issues/progressions within the department or the university in general that any student or staff feels need to be mentioned. I am also an exec in World at Warwick. This comes from my love towards languages. Being trilingual myself, I am often excited to learn more about another language or culture and I’m hoping to learn Latin and French in the near future. My other hobbies revolve around my interest in football (Bayern Munich fan) and probably just a lot of other random things that range from sketching to reading thriller stories and classical novels – my favourite novel being written by Wolfgang von Goethe. This is it from me for now, but if anyone has any comments or questions regarding anything, feel free to get in touch with me. Shaumica.

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