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Shanita Jetha
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Hi everyone! My name is Shanita and I am a final year Politics (with Intercalated Year) student. I have been blogging since the very start of my degree, sharing my academic and social experiences at The University of Warwick. I am a Politics and International Student Ambassador, so you may see me during open days- please do say hi! I am also a member of the Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) for my course, which basically means that I was elected at the start of my second and final year, to feed any course/department related issues to those that it concerns. During my final year, I have been a Student Voice Ambassador (helping to run the annual National Student Survey Campaign for finalists) and a Research Assistant (an opportunity available to finalists to work directly with academic staff on their research). PAIS is an excellent department which sees students as partners, providing a vast range of opportunities to get involved in. As part of my degree, I studied abroad in Australia, Melbourne (Monash University) for a year. If you are interested in studying abroad, I have shared some of my tips for writing an application, choosing a location, and if you need convincing, why you should definitely do it! When I’m not studying, I’m probably drinking bubble tea and watching greek mythology (if you haven’t already, you odyssey it) (Oh, I also have a slight obsession with puns). I also regularly go to weekly parkrun's in Coventry: I hope this blog gives you an insight into life at Warwick and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have!! Feel free to follow my Twitter: @shanitajetha Shanita :)

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