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Maya Surprenant

Biomedical Science with Industrial Placement

Hi there! My name is Maya and I am currently a First Year International student studying Biomedical Sciences here at Warwick!
Welcome to my blog/vlog series, Just the Uni Life!

I have been told that I am quite a talkative person, so the majority of my posts will most likely be in the form of a vlog! I post parallel on Youtube as well, so you can find all of my videos to come there 🙂

My content will be varied. I will focus a lot on the School of Life Sciences experience, as well as what it’s like being international, and coping with the different environment.
Keep up with on campus and off campus accommodation, applications, work load, social interactions, and all of the aspects that make up the Uni life! I can’t wait to share all of this and more with you 🙂

Also, please please please ask me questions!!! I will get you answers, and make sure that you are as informed about any topics as possible 🙂

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