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Leyla Hunn


Hello! My name is Leyla and I’m studying single honours Philosophy in my second year, after changing from a joint course in Philosophy and Literature in my first year. I’m loving my course more than I expected to and I’d be more than happy to talk to you about Philosophy if it’s something you’re considering doing or if you have any general questions.

Aside from studying, I spend a lot of my time (arguably too much of it) at home drawing things in my sketchpad, and watching reality TV or dramas. I’m a part of Art Society, and I go to their life drawing events usually once or twice every week. I’m also a part of the Christian Union, which hosts cute service-type gatherings once a week.

My posts will probably be on quite a wide range of both general and specific topics, since there are so many aspects of university life to write about. Mostly I’ll just be giving my thoughts on things that I’m currently doing in university or which I will be doing in the future, including topics like how I got here, stuff about my course and career talk. Hopefully it won’t be too boring and will help somebody out.


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