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George Kotlarzewski
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Hi guys, My names George, I’m currently a final-year undergraduate student studying History. I choose to come to Warwick as the diversity of the course was extremely impressive and the academic prestige the university held, both of which have only become more apparent since being here! In addition to my course, I play football for the Musical Theatre society’s football team, Offside story and we play matches every Wednesday against other society teams. Being part of a sports team, at society or club level is a great opportunity to meet new people, keep up your fitness levels and have a stress relief when deadlines close in! University is about so much more than just your course and I hope I can highlight the numerous ways to make the best of all aspects of Warwick. This blog will look to expose parts of university life you may not consider, provide details of my experience with my course and detail all the things that make Warwick so unique! Feel free to ask any questions and I hope my insight will be beneficial for you! George

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