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Freya Ball
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Hey guys, I’m Freya, a 20 year old student at Warwick currently in my third and final year studying History. Just to tell you a little bit about myself over the past couple of years I’ve lived in Rootes, (a lot of fun), Leamington, (a lot of pubs) and I’m currently writing from Venice which is where I’ll be staying for the first term having opted for the renaissance stream of the my course, before moving back onto campus for the rest of the year. I chose history because examining narratives of the past to reveal insight into human nature is the type of study which grips me and renaissance history because who doesn’t love Italy? Throughout my course I have studied a variety of modules from the medieval world, renaissance Italy, the scientific revolution (more interesting than you’d think – I’d recommend) as well as Italian in preparation for our term in Venice which is a definite work in progress. On a side note I think it’s worth elaborating on this stream choice for any prospective students considering this path as it really is a fantastic and unique opportunity which is what initially drew me to study at Warwick. I’m aiming to write a final blog at the end of the term discussing the course as a whole in more detail, so if this is something that may interest you then watch this space. Aside from my studies I worked at the Warwick Arts Centre Bar throughout second year. It’s a lot of fun, very flexible and a great way to meet people outside your course as well as of course making that well-needed extra cash on the side. I enjoy travelling, hence why the Venice term was such a draw, as well as running, Warwick has some great running routes around campus so they’re well worth making use of, and generally chilling with friends, watching movies or going out to the local pubs around Leam. Throughout this year I’m going to keep you guys up-to-date on any interesting or useful insights I have about my course and university experience, I hope you will find it helpful and if there’s anything in particular you want to know about don’t hesitate to ask.

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