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Armeena Atwal
Armeena Atwal Alumni
Hey there! My name is Armeena, and I am a 4th year student studying Politics with French with the PAIS and Modern Languages Departments at Warwick. I have just come back from a placement working abroad in France, and so am currently enjoying readjusting to university life! Being in my final year at Warwick, I’m keen to take advantage of campus life and all the opportunities that it offers. Dance is my creative outlet; I enjoy trying new societies all the time and have been attending classes with both Warwick Bhangra and Warwick Salsa this year. I believe in the importance of keeping your mind and body occupied with fun, active things around studying – and so will be blogging about my day to day life as well as the activities I’ve been doing to make the most of each term. I also occasionally work shifts at the Dirty Duck, so if you see me around don’t be shy to say hi! I am keen to offer advice to any students at Warwick to help in any way I can – whether you are part of the PAIS or Languages department or not. If you ever want to get in touch I’d be happy to hear from you. In the meanwhile, thanks for reading and à bientôt 
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