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Rebecca Preedy
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Hi, I’m Rebecca, or Becca (but definitely not Becky!). I am an Ancient History and Classical Archaeology with Study in Europe student, currently in my second year at Warwick University. Outside of my degree I enjoy reading, fluffy socks, tea and Ghibli films. Warwick was my aim for a few years before I got my A-Level results, and so far it has not disappointed! I had not studied Classics academically before university, and I found the department welcoming to someone with little knowledge of the area other than a profound interest and generalised facts discovered in dusty tomes from my dad. My degree has allowed me to finally study a subject my school never offered, as well as expand on skills I already have in literature and languages. As part of my degree I will be travelling to study in Italy, an adventure I will be spending this year preparing myself for. However, in between scribbling essays and practising my Italian, I will be writing blogs that I hope will offer an interesting perspective on life at Warwick.

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