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Olivia Kershaw
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Hi there! I’m Olivia, I’m 21 and I am about to start my 2nd year doing Theatre and Performance Studies at Warwick. The months since I arrived on campus have absolutely flown by but it’s been fantastic! I chose Warwick because, despite the cliché, it simply did ‘feel right’ for me out of all the places I’d been to – our campus is certainly a very unique and lovely place to be, my course was exactly what I’d been looking for, and all the people I met on my visit day were so friendly and full of enthusiasm! (These are all things which have certainly held true since I came here!) For me, a love of all things theatrical isn’t just confined to my degree and I’ve kept very busy indeed with acting, singing and dancing since I came here. Fortunately there are an array of societies to choose from, and I have been spoilt for choice – some of my favourite experiences up to now have included tap, Leamingtones acapella choir, various ShakeSoc plays &, perhaps most fun of all, putting a show on in 48 hours with the music theatre society! I am also on the exec of WUDS (Warwick University Drama Society) for 2018-19, so will be getting more of an insight into how societies make things work behind-the-scenes. In this blog, I’m hoping to give an honest picture of my life here and some of the experiences I’ve had both on my course and in the wider world of the Warwick Bubble as it is affectionately known!

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