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Fiona Brewis
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My name is Fiona, yes, like in Shrek, I am 20 years old and in my third year of a German Studies degree. I am currently living in Hannover on my year abroad, working as an English language assistant in a college for adults and also in the local international school. I am a Scot, hailing from the bonnie countryside near a little village called Roslin which you’ll only have heard of if you’re a fan of The Da Vinci Code or else enjoy the charming gravy-like drink that is Bovril. Studying at Warwick has allowed me to meet a whole range of people and try out sports and societies which I would never have been able to do in my local area. For example, I learned how to waltz with the Latin and Ballroom dance club, twizzle away with Ice-Skating Society, and I am the former President of German Society. I represent my coursemates on the German department Student Staff Liaison Committee, because I think it’s important to allow student voices to be heard, particularly my own since I do love the sound of it. In all seriousness however, I decided to blog because after arriving at Warwick it occurred to me I had done very little research about what life on campus was actually like, in terms of what to expect in new accommodation with new flatmates, and new coursemates and new buildings and new societies and new deadlines and new shelving arrangements in the new Tesco. Where would I find friends? Where is the library lecture room? Does this Tesco have a reduced bread section? Hopefully I will be able to give any new or prospective students a savvy guide to making the most of uni and year abroad life, offering both course-related experience and other useful tidbits. Reduced bread is in the middle of the bread section, funnily enough. Fiona

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