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I am one of the biggest procrastinators. During reading week I had myself a schedule and didn’t stick to it. I am disappointed in my self and felt a bit low about not keeping up with my plan.

There is advice out there for procastination. My problem is always rewarding myself with a break that ends up longer than the study period. One theory says you should study for 40 minutes and have a 20 minute break, or even work 20 minutes and have a 5 minute break. The only trouble I find with this is I say to my self that ‘I will just watch another episode of the Big Bang Theory’ and end up watching three.

This year I promised myself it would be different. This year grades count. I want a 2.1 or a low first. That means that I need to start doing better on my work and actually putting the hours in. This is why if you find it easy to get a 2.2 without really trying that hard it is sometimes harder to up your game.

In short, I have had doubts I can achieve this and let great get in the way of good. I’m not really sure of how to overcome this. It is said that just starting to write anything is a good way to get over it, but I did that and still couldn’t figure out the best way was to structure the essay. I need to sort this out soon because I have more deadlines coming up and really would like some time off over the holiday period.

If you are the same you may find the following youtube videos useful. Here is a University of Warwick library video researching and finishing an essay in the last minute.

Here is a more lighthearted ted talk link that talks about procastination for any more depth.

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