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Procrastination, WordReference, and Decaf Tea

Term 3 is a strange one. Admittedly, I have only done one day, however, having returned to Heronbank over a week ago, the Easter holidays could not feel further away. What’s more, now that I have three speaking exams to look forward to in the next three weeks, I am already regretting how I spent my Easter holidays.

Ah… procrastination. The killer. Even though at Warwick we are blessed with 5 weeks to supposedly revise/ sort out our lives/ get ready for term 3, I seem to always spend the majority of my time on spontaneous trips to London, watching The Sopranos for the 10th time or just generally whining about how much work I have to do (something which my flatmates are probably sick of hearing about after spending two days with me).

But anyway, here we are, term 3 and a ton of exams ahead of us, enjoying the final moments of the heatwave with the soundtrack of "I should really be doing some work, shouldn’t I?"

I don’t think I am going to discuss my personal revision/ exam/ anti-stress ideas here, mostly because it seems my fellow student bloggers have covered it already. Moreover, I think personal needs and degree choices dictate how you need to revise. For instance, as I have frequently lamented to my flatmate Jack, unlike maths, "languages are not a sprint finish, they are crippling marathon." What I mean by this is, languages are degrees with work spread throughout the year, which has often resulted in me worrying in this point that I should be doing more cramming, even though I know I have worked hard throughout first year.

I think this is something prospective students should definitely consider when choosing a degree; obviously, the most important thing is that you enjoy your course, and it interests you, however, I won’t lie, there have been times over Easter where I wish I could return to A-Level Maths and simply do past papers to revise. The blessings of a languages degree mean you spend most of your time on WordReference learning an infinite number of vocabulary and trying to remember the subjunctive from the indicative. Whilst I could not imagine doing any other degree, and it was really nice to return to lectures today (or just return to some form of structure in my life), I won’t lie to you, I am not looking forward to the next 5 weeks.

For me, this means 5 weeks of trying to just stay on top of my coursework, speaking as much as possible in my languages, and drinking as much tea as possible to maintain my sanity. (As a black coffee lover, I have now had to switch to caffeine free tea in the evening in order to be able to get to sleep before 3). One of the first things a lecturer told us in the induction week at university was to not compare yourself to others, and I think now is the time to really remember that. Everyone is (without sounding too tumblr) finding themselves at uni, whether that is through the love of your degree, a new job, or your friends, so resultantly, we all have different goals to work towards.

I’m just waiting for Wednesday the 30th, when I can walk out of my final exam knowing I tried my hardest and have made it through my first year at university. Until then, the work continues….

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