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Preparing to Leave

Preparing to leave home for the first time can be a daunting experience. Some things will stay the same but much will be different.

I still remember the moment I sat in my room on the first day, watching as my parents left me to my new life here at Warwick. The mix of nervousness and excitement was unlike anything I had known before.

Mentally preparing to leave home is an important part of coming to Uni. Here are some things you can think about and do to make the transition easier.

  1. Spend time with your friends, talk to them about leaving for uni. If a bunch of you are all heading off it can be helpful to discuss how you’re feeling and what you think it’s gonna be like. You’re all in the same boat and you can all be equally excited and nervous together. Leaving will seem less daunting if you’re doing it with other people.

  2. Decide to stay in touch with people. Going to Uni doesn’t mean saying goodbye to everyone from home. Facebook can be a good window into your friend’s/family’s lives but it’s not as good as talking to them. Skype them, facetime them, even ring them on a phone.

  3. Learn some key skills: cooking and laundry are unavoidable facts of university life. Having some skills up your sleeve in these departments will serve you in good stead for the the next 3+ years.

  4. Appreciate your parent’s cooking: My Mum’s cooking is much better than mine and I miss it when I come to Uni. University is great but home food will always be better. Tell your parents how amazing they are.

  5. Doctor Appointments: Decide whether you want to sign up at the Health Centre here at Warwick. We have a great GP service on campus where you can make appointments and receive medical advice. If you think you’ll make use of it while at Uni, go ahead and sign up. If you think you won’t, stayed registered at home, you can’t be registered at both and switching between the two can be a little tricky.

  6. Research the University and get a feel for what it’s going to be like. Familiarity with where you’re going can help you feel more prepared to go. Look at websites, watch videos, talk to people who are already there. You could even read a student blog or something 😉

    1. TOP TIP: have a look into the many, many societies and sports clubs we have here at Warwick. There so much to do and explore, have a look now at what you want to get involved with!

Have fun!

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