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Preparing for University: Top Tips

As I’ve left University for my very last time, it’s got me thinking about how I even prepared to come to University in the first place. I was very lucky that my sister had already made the big move so I had some insight. However, I know lots of people are the first to go to university or you just don’t have a clue on where to start! Here are my top tips for preparing for the big move to University.

Relax until results day. Don’t worry about the huge ‘recommended reading’ lists that courses provide and encourage you to start on early. If you start before results day, chances are you’re going to forget it all. Also, a lot of your course friends won’t have actually done the reading (I was guilty of this) simply because they didn’t know it existed. So, don’t stress about reading lists, instead focus on having fun and seeing your friends from home as you’ll be away for a couple of months.

Learn to cook. Unfortunately, at university, you can’t rely on your parents cooking anymore. Some people use cookbooks, but I found it useful to already have a few dishes under your belt. I’m not talking about anything overly fancy but knowing how to cook a roast will win you points with your flatmates! The best basic dishes I learnt were bolognese from scratch, lasagna, cottage pie and the many ways to cook a potato.

Start thinking about the essentials. Here I’m talking about your pots and pans. The basic items you need to live with. So here are a few: plates, cutlery, glasses/mugs, pillows, duvet, bedding sheets, washing up liquid & sponge, washing powder (for clothes), an iron, and towels. Theoretically, you can live with just these items, but it would make life more comfortable to have a few luxuries like photographs.

Spread the cost. Carrying on from my previous point, if you start early collecting the essentials you have the added benefit of spreading the cost. University can be very expensive to get everything you need (Including textbooks it cost ~£400 to get everything together).

Find out when the event tickets are released. This was a mistake I made in my first year, I didn’t have a clue when event tickets were released! So, in my freshers week, I only went to a couple of events as everything had already sold out. Of course, you don’t have to go to events but for some people, it is a must. Instead of partying I spent many nights with my flatmates getting to know one another.

Sort out your bank account. I have a student bank account with a free overdraft just in case. I also have a credit card that I spend a couple of pounds on each month just to build up my credit rating. However, the overdraft is just in case my car needed a big repair or if my laptop was stolen. It means I could sort it out immediately while waiting for insurance/work money to come through.

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