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Preparing for off campus accommodation

Moving in

Check what’s listed in your house inventory as you may need to supply kettles, toasters or microwaves. The earlier you move in then the sooner you can claim the best fridge and cupboard spaces unless you are all deciding as a house. You may want to shop around for energy suppliers as there are some cheaper not for profit companies. There is also the option to split the bill with some suppliers. You will need to organise your Internet before term starts otherwise you may not have any wi-fi for your first projects. Some suppliers offer 9 month contracts which will take you from October to July perfect for the length of your Warwick year. When you move in you need to complete an inventory and report any faults to your landlord. You will have to check your contract but you may be able to bring in extra furniture to add to your comfort. An essential for me was blankets since I am the stereotypical student avoiding turning the heating on. My house devised a cleaning rota so that the house remained habitable (my friends did say that our house was very clean). I brought throws to put over the sofa just to improve the comfort a little. Remember to bring cleaning supplies for the bathroom and kitchen because unfortunately there are no employed cleaners for your property (unless your house chooses to employ one). Avoid picking up the keys on arrivals weekend as there will be lots of students and cars on campus.

Getting to and from university

There are usually 3 options to getting to and from university and these vary depending on where you live. The first is by car you will have to pay for parking unless you have a parking permit. You can currently park in the multistories but spaces fill up fast, especially during exam time! There is currently a lift sharing service so you can split the cost of petrol and the routes into university only tend to be busy at 8am and 5pm. The second is by bus and this involves buying a bus pass. If you live in Coventry you will need a national express pass that you scan to get onto the bus, if you live in Leamington then you will require a Stagecoach bus pass. These passes can be purchased as one, two or three term options. If you live in Canley the university are trialling a shuttle bus service. The third option is cycling as the university has ample places to lock up your bike. This is more feasible from Canley and possibly Coventry as Leamington would be ~ an hour of cycling. There are also showers available for student use so you aren’t sweaty in lectures.

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