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Preparing For A Level Results Day

Hi everyone! I hope all of your summer’s are going well and you’re having fun regardless of what you’re doing, whether that’s working, on an internship, travelling, volunteering or literally nothing (the dream). Hopefully, those of you who are prospective Warwick students are ideally having the best summer ever before you start your University journey. My summer after Year 13 was my best summer ever – I went to New York and Barcelona, as well as worked in retail so I went on plenty UK summer adventures with the money I earned. Definitely try to do plenty of fun and exciting things in your summer before University because you would have worked so hard for your A Levels, and future summer’s may be occupied with work experience and internships etc.

A Level results day is coming up in the next few weeks, and I remember the build up of stress that I experienced when worrying about whether I’ll get into Warwick or not. My main advice is not to stress – stress never helps a situation where you have no control. Even though you may be worrying about a few of your exams that you feel like may have gone bad, you never actually know how you performed. I had the same situation where I thought I had done terrible in my English Literature exam, however I actually got the grade I needed to get into Warwick and the stress wasn’t needed. Also, there are cases where you can sometimes secure a place at Warwick even if you have one grade below the necessary entry requirements. This of course depends on your course and the current applicants for that year.

However, it is never a bad idea to prepare for potential changes of plan on results day. The best thing to do is to research Universities that offer your desired course with entry requirements that are one or two grades lower than Warwick’s requirements. Obtain the numbers of these Universities and have them ready for results day. When results day actually comes, perhaps check your online UCAS portal as early as possible as this will allow you to be prepared to get your A Level results and ring other Universities if needed. I believe that there are apps you can download that have all Universities, their courses, entry requirements and other things necessary to know on A Level results day – maybe search for these apps around a week before results day!

Lastly, a positive mindset will help you through the preparation for results day. Try to keep busy in the days running up to it so you don’t allow yourself to stress and dwell on negative thoughts too much. You already would have tried your very best at your A Levels and ultimately, everything will work out when you get your results. Good luck to you all and I hope to see you at Warwick in October! If not then you’ll do amazing at whichever University you go to and you have the ability to shape your future however you wish.

I’ll speak to you all in my next post.


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