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Pre-uni DO’s and DONT’s


  • Get excited!!

Although nerve-wracking, going to university (and probably leaving home for the first time) is an exciting time! Not only do go get to study a topic you like in-depth, it’s an opportunity for you to develop yourself, try out new things, figure out who you want to be and to set some goals and prioritise for yourself. Feeling like things slowly fall into place is a great feeling and one I am sure you will experience, as long as you keep an open mind, and stay open to new experiences and new people.

  • Prepare

There are a lot of things you can do before coming to uni that might help calm your nerves a little, get excited and feel more ready to leave home. Here are a few ideas:

  1. discuss in advance (with yourself and/or your parents) what your monthly budget will be
  2. figure out what the easiest way is to get to and from uni (for international students this may be to and from a trusted friend nearby
  3. master cooking some basic meals
  4. get all your doctor’s appointments in at home
  5. have a look at the uni’s society’s website to get an idea of which clubs you might like to join
  6. and a lot more – look out for my upcoming “Pre-uni To-Do List” post for some more tips
  • Give yourself time to take it all in

During the first couple of months especially, a lot of things will be happening at once. You will meet a lot of people, live in a new environment, study a (new) subject and, like in my case, be exposed to a new country and culture. You’re likely to feel quite overwhelmed at first and maybe like you don’t quite belong. But, you have to give it time. Things will fall into place. Make sure to be kind to yourself, trust who you are and remember you’re learning from the experience as a whole all the time.   


  • Overthink/plan

Although preparing yourself is a good thing, try not to get too hung up on the details. Everything is likely to be very different to the way you imagined or planned it in your head so you risk upsetting yourself when things go differently than expected. In my opinion, the best way to prepare yourself is to constantly remind yourself to be open-minded, say yes to new activities/opportunities and to go with the flow.   

  • Worry about not knowing anything about law

Most students won’t have studied law before starting at Warwick so if you don’t quite know what to expect, don’t worry, you are not alone. I didn’t either. The law department is truly very good at easing you into everything and you will soon get the hang of things. Law students don’t get mandatory pre-course reading so I definitely wouldn’t stress about reading an entire Tort or Criminal law textbook before you get to Warwick. Instead, if you do want to read something, have a look at the books I recommended in my latest post.   

  • Worry about not making friends

This is such a normal thing to worry about! Even for the most social and outgoing people, the thought of having to make new friends and finding a community you feel good in is daunting. There are a lot of things you can do to calm your nerves a little though:

  1. Remember that most people are in the same boat; ie. they don’t know anyone, want to find people they can be themselves with and want to have a good time.
  2. Be prepared to join in with social activities. So many things will be organised and you can join all of them, but you need to be the one to take initiative.
  3. Stay true to who you are. There is a fine line between challenging yourself with something new and learning from that and doing something that isn’t you and you aren’t comfortable with. 

Hope that helps a little! Please feel free to message me at any time with any questions you might have. I would be more than happy to help 🙂

  • Michael Blamires

    Hey great advice, do you have any idea what is a good monthly budget to start with at Warwick, because I have no idea, and parents wanted at least some sort of figure so they know what to work with. Thank you!!!


    • Anouk Geene Law

      Hey Michael! Great question! Warwick University has the following page about living costs Based on my own experience, I would have suggested the same – about £100 per week, excluding accommodation and bearing in mind I’m an international student with potential additional costs (clothes, different phone plan etc). Hope that helps! You’ve inspired me to write a blog post on this topic and my tips to save money at uni so look out for that too 🙂


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