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Pre-graduation ramblings and future plans

I now only have the equivalent of one exam’s worth of work to do until I graduate (fingers crossed!) with a degree in chemistry from Warwick. I’ve just had the week off from labs so have managed to take some time to enjoy the sun, finish of my poster presentation (which will count for 5 of the 15 CATS I have left to complete), and prepare for my final two weeks in the lab. Or the final two weeks until I spend the next year of my life in labs, that is!

This week has also given me time to reflect on my time at Warwick, and what I’ve learned. While the email I received telling me graduation registration was open did send me into a mild existential crisis, on the most part I feel strangely calm about my last few weeks of undergraduate life, and am looking forward to getting stuck into my research masters. It’s comforting to have confidence in the choice I made for what I was going do post-graduation, especially as a few weeks spent in the lab have confirmed that I actually do enjoy chemistry!

And I suppose I don’t really have a right to be stressed in the first place, given all of my friends are currently in the midst of final exams – something my flatmates don’t hesitate to remind me. They seem to forget that I had just as many exams last term, but oh well…

Although to be honest, I don’t think I would have changed this year for anything. Yes, second term was hard work, but the sense of accomplishment (and relaxation I feel now!) has made it all worth it. I’ve loved my undergraduate degree at Warwick, and while I may be a little biased, would recommend it to anyone who is enthusiastic to learn, and loves chemistry. And despite three years of hard work, I still want to learn more – the main reason I’m so excited to start my masters course.

Fourth year will be different I’m sure, as most of my course mates are either graduating or continuing on an integrated masters. This means I won’t see them in fourth year lectures, because I won’t have any! However, I’m determined to still annoy them as much as I normally do, and have lots of society related endeavours to keep myself busy with.

I’m looking forward to continuing working with the fabulous people over at The Boar, which I am now one of the Deputy Editors-in-Chief of, and I’m sure the society will go from strength to strength. We have a couple of events planned before term ends – our annual Boar Awards and of course, socs awards. Our wonderful out-going Co-Editors are nominated for an outstanding contribution at socs awards, so it would be rude not to go and celebrate their achievements and have a glass of prosecco or two! As for Boar Awards, this is an event run by the society to celebrate our writers and exec. Each out-going section editor nominates their favourite articles of the year – my picks for SciTech very predictably include research on dogs – and we also have awards for best writer and many more. It should be a lovely evening, and a nice break before I have my final assessment (the poster presentation) as an undergrad!

I’ll be sure to write a more soppy post about my time at Warwick once graduation gets nearer, but for now it’s just nice to feel proud of what I’ve achieved so far, and be excited for my remaining time at Warwick.

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