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Post-Travel Quarantine – How I’ve Been Spending My Time

Since I travelled back to the UK from the UAE, I have to complete a 14-day quarantine. But I also have nothing to do since term hasn’t started yet. So here’s what I’ve been getting up to at home 24/7! 

TV Series / Books

Stop what you’re doing right now. Go and watch The Fall on Netflix. It is by far the best show I’ve ever seen. It’s an Irish-British crime drama following a serial killer. It’s gripping, it’s cinematic, and it’s starring Jamie Dornan (see also: Fifty Shades of Grey) 

In terms of books, I’ve been reading ‘Buy Yourself The F*cking Lillies’ by Tara Schuster, it’s all about confidence and self-love and is a great read if you’re feeling a little isolated in your own company. I’ve also read ‘Calm the F*ck Down’ by Sarah Knight, which has a pretty self-explanatory title.

Decluttering & Packing for Second Year 

So when I went to Dubai back in March, I assumed that I was still coming back to Warwick for Term 3. But then Term 3 got cancelled and it was clear that I wasn’t ever going to return to my accommodation (bye, Cryfield 🙁 x). My sister moved all of my stuff back home for me and now I have to sort it all out. I’ve literally been laying all of my belongings on my bed and sorting it out into take to uni / leave at home / donate / throw out. It’s actually been really great to declutter basically my entire life! I’ve also started packing for second year so my room is currently filled with IKEA bags…

Exploring Opportunities for Second Year

Since I’m super excited to go back, I’ve been looking into different societies and how I can get involved. I’ve also been looking at different part-time roles I might want to do and how I can get the full uni experience even with the COVID restrictions in place! I’ve also looked further into my optional modules that I’m super excited to start & I’m excited to receive my timetable!


I’ve also been spending a lot of my time at home in the kitchen. I wanted to try out some new recipes before I move into my new accommodation and I’ve been discovering what kind of meals I can make whilst studying and working too!

Catching Up With Friends & Family

Since I have so much free time at the minute, I’ve made an effort to message my friends and family, have video calls with them, and just generally remind them that I’m there and I love them!


Yes, I probably talk about self-care way too much. But it’s SO important! I’ve been making a conscious effort to look after myself and listen to myself about what I need right now because I have the time to do so!

It’s hard to stay home all day every day with nothing to do, but it can be great if you see it as an opportunity rather than a limitation. An opportunity to work on things you’ve always said you have no time for, an opportunity to practice some much-needed self-care, and an opportunity to relax before term begins!

Stay safe <3

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