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Post-Offer Open Days in the Department of Modern Languages

Well, this is it. After six months in South America, I am finally sat in Santiago’s airport –a place only too familiar to me- awaiting my flight home to England. I must admit, I feel a little anxious about the whole thing for some reason. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it is the thought of the mountain of paperwork and organisation for the econd part of my year abroad in Italy that awaits my return, or maybe the harsh realities of British winter.


When the Lussanas came to Chile…


After all, you know that coming back to England is going to kill you when the other evening, the temperature dropped below 20 degrees Celsius and my fingers went numb…I don’t think I’ll ever be cut out for the cold…However, perhaps it is simply the fact that I have been away for so long, and coming home means I must finally accept that what has been the most surreal and life changing chapter of my life has finally come to an end.


Despite practically living next to it for 6 months, when my parents came out, we finally made it up San Cristóbal to La Virgén the other day!


Chi-chi-chi-le-le-le…VIVA CHILE!

Before I burst into tears and fall deep into depression at the thought, and on the subject of home, it was recently brought to my attention that next week, Warwick’s Modern Languages department will be sending its invites out to all you lucky offer-holders, inviting you to a ‘Post Offer Open Day.’

So firstly before I go any further, a big congratulations to you all for receiving conditional or unconditional offers to study at what in my option, is by far the best university in the UK!

So…a post offer open day? It may sound a little naff but in fact, from my experience this was one of the most instrumental factors when it came to my decision to firm Warwick as my first choice once I had received all my offers. Probably the majority of you would have attended one of Warwick’s main open days sometime last year and therefore might think that this will just be another day of information overload and endless spiel about why you should choose Warwick.

However it’s not!

I will never forget the 2 hour drive with my mother in the car home after I attended my post offer open day (a little reluctantly I must admit). I remember talking endlessly about how my mind had been made up and as soon as I returned home, I would log onto UCAS and firm Warwick.

Why? Ok, well I won’t ramble anymore and just get to the point then…

1. MEET THE DEPARTMENT: This was quite possibly the key factor to my decision. Until now, Warwick’s Modern Language department has just been a mystery figure. You have probably been receiving, emails and letters from them, and have probably read about them to death whilst doing the tedious and seemingly never-ending process that is your UCAS application. However, until now you have never actually met them. Well now’s your chance!! Meeting your department can really give you a sense of what your academic life will be like if you come to Warwick. I remember falling in love with the fact that most of the departments such as Hispanic Studies and Italian Studies are very small, and therefore immediately you were not made to feel like a number. This is quite rare I think in universities, however having a chance to actually speak with the tutors and learn more about the specifics of the course was really comforting.

2. MEET THE STUDENTS: As I was amongst the newbies of Hispanic Studies’ first ever year of undergraduates, I never really got this opportunity. However, I did get a chance to speak to a student who was studying History and French at Warwick, and who was incredibly helpful. I remember vividly the conversation as it turned out we both applied for the same universities more or less and I was having the same dilemmas and doubts as him. Really discussing why he chose Warwick, how his life has been since coming to Warwick, and the opportunities which have subsequently come his way having done so was very reassuring. The fact that I can still remember the discussion, clearly shows that it had a big impact on me.

3. SEE THE UNIVERSITY…AGAIN: You have probably been round and round Warwick’s beautiful campus before, but being happy where you are studying is really important. Therefore, never turn down an opportunity to have another little nose. You never know, you may stumble across somewhere you hadn’t discovered before!

4. QUESTIONS: This is really you last opportunity to ask away. Sometimes at the big general open days, it can be difficult or not really the right time to ask more personal questions. However, with tutors, current and prospective fellow course mates, now is your chance! Ask, ask, ask…

5. MEET PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: As I just mentioned, you might even meet people that are perhaps in similar situations or dilemmas as yourself. It’s always nice to meet a few people who could technically be on your course when you start whilst snacking on the free refreshments provided throughout the day!

So there you go in a nutshell. Hopefully I have cleared up any questions or doubts you might have as you receive your invitations to the up and coming Modern Languages post-offer open days. Wow, that’s a bit of a mouthful! As for me, I had better get on that flight heading to Madrid, before my final flight back to…erm lovely rainy, cold and grey England…


Not going to lie, having a heart drawn on my cup made up for it just a little


¡Adiós Chile, ya te extraño!

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