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Post Freshers Blues

Enough time has passed that the glory of freshers has worn off, and I’m sure at this point a lot of you will be experiencing the post fresher’s blues. The nights out have slowed down (or at least your bank account probably hopes so), the lectures and seminars have started in full force, and university life has officially begun.

At this point in my first year, I was definitely starting to miss home already- and if you’re in the same boat don’t worry, it’s totally normal to start getting a bit homesick once things have settled down. I booked my first trip home during the third week of term and at the time I felt like it was a bad sign- was I not enjoying uni so much that I wanted to go home already? But honestly looking back, I know now that I was totally wrong. Just because you miss your creature comforts (like your own bed, or your mum’s Sunday roast) that doesn’t mean your university experience isn’t going to shape up to be everything you wanted- you’d be mad not to miss having your meals cooked for you! So, if you are really missing home, don’t worry about getting a train booked- it will probably help to take your mind off missing home if you know you’ll be there soon enough.

Another thing that hit me at around this time during my first year was the idea of joining clubs and societies. You may be thinking something along the lines of “It’s week three, far too late for me to join anything now” (I know I was) but NOPE. Honestly, it’s never too late to join a society, and while some sports clubs may have more regulations about their team trials, any sports club with casual play or informal training sessions will be pretty happy to welcome new members (I personally recommend Mixed Netball from my entirely impartial and absolutely not biased opinion).

And finally, the third thing that came as a shock (though probably shouldn’t have really), was the amount of work I had. Despite applying to university to get an education and study a subject, I was SHOCKED AND HORRIFIED by the fact that I was expected to DO THINGS???? Who knew £9000 a year meant I was actually going to get an education. In my first term, lectures started in week 1, seminars and supervisions started in week 2 and weekly assignments started within the first three weeks, so I was hit hard and fast with the full university workload. It was hard to adjust from three months during summer of doing absolutely nothing into the unknown territory of university studying. My advice (to both you and my younger self) is to make sure that you don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. If you miss a lecture (let’s be honest- it happens), try and catch up before the next one so you aren’t in an endless cycle of falling behind. And if you find yourself with some free time during the week, go over the notes from your lectures while they’re still fresh- those reasonable ‘notes to self’ you scribbled in the lecture will almost definitely be completely illegible in a few months’ time when you come to revise, so decoding them now will make your term three a hell of a lot less stressful. While it may seem overwhelming at first (and can continue to feel overwhelming at times as the months pass) your university life can definitely be made a lot easier by being prepared and keeping on top of your work, even if that means that if your first lecture of the day is at 2pm, you can’t actually stay in bed until 1.

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