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Post-Exams and the Graduation Ball

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I’m happy to report that exam season is now over at Warwick and I have finally finished my four-year degree! Exam season is always intense, as it is at any university, and I’d been planning post-exam festivities as an incentive to revise. As soon as my exams finished, I flew to Munich for a few days and from then on, the heatwave began! I’m now back at Warwick for my final week here and everyone is starting to get very emotional and dreading the goodbyes. We’ll all be reunited for graduation at the end of July but it feels a very long time away. Some of us German finalists attended the Warwick Graduation Ball on Monday and this post will include a few details about the event and why it’s worth buying a ticket next year.

The ball was held at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham and tickets were £50 including transport, a 3-course meal and wine on the table. There was no theme to the event (the Literature and Languages Ball was masquerade themed) but this made it slightly easier to pick an outfit. Unfortunately, Monday was extremely hot and humid in the Warwick area and I was glad I hadn’t picked a floor-length dress as some of my friends had. Luckily the event was all indoors and the rooms were cool and airy. The drinks weren’t quite as expensive as they had been at Coombe Abbey for the Literature and Languages Ball so I was happy to buy a few from the hotel bar.

The general consensus from our group was that the food was good, including the vegan options. The menus were accessible online before the event and everyone seemed to be happy with the selection available. After the meal, we were invited to go into the main dance room which held a DJ and dance floor and a video and photo booth. I believe the dance floor was open until around 2am but my friends and I left earlier as there were coaches to campus and Leamington running very frequently.

I hope you enjoyed this post about the Warwick Graduation Ball and I hope it has encouraged you to buy a ticket next year. I was in no way involved in this event but I think it was well organised and well thought-out. Everyone I have spoken to has agreed that it was a fantastic night and a great way to end our Warwick experience.

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Melissa Kaye | German and Business Studies Contact Melissa

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