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Positivity during revision

I am now settled back home with my family after a busy Term 2, and enjoyed a break away from the books yesterday afternoon and evening.  Whilst I am about to spend the majority of the next 5 weeks revising for my exams, I am staying positive. I am just taking each revision day as it comes and just plan my revision timetable for only a few days in advance. A break away from my study areas of Floor 2 of main library, Biomed Grid and my desk at my uni house is well needed.

For this blog, I thought I’d share some advice on how to keep positive and approach revision.

1      “Variety is the spice of life”. Everyday I study 3 modules, and particularly because I take modules in a variety of subject areas, the information I learn is hugely varied so I don’t find the days get tedious. For example, a days work may start with learning how metastases form  at the molecular level (Oncology), move on to how woolly mammoths adapted to cold climates (Extreme Environmental Biology) and end on how Brazil are using ethanol from sugarcane to fuel their cars (Bioenergy and Biorefining). I definitely would not recommend revising one whole module a day, as you may find you lose interest and are less inclined to continue with revision after any breaks. 

2 Plan days out/breaks during the week. There is time to have days off as well, so plan things to look forward to. For example, I’m planning a trip up to central London this weekend which I’m looking forward to. Weeks on end of work and no play will not do your state of mind any good.

3      Eat well, and allow treats. I like to have a cup of tea and sweet treat in the afternoon, and have healthy meals for dinner – (avoid pot noodles and the like although they are faff-free.) A balanced, healthy diet is so important during revision. To maximise my revision time and limit the amount of time spent in the kitchen, I am letting my parents cook most of the time, but I will earn my keep some of the time and cook up some meals too! 

4      Exercise. Even just a walk round the block in between changing modules will have a positive influence on your mood. When it’s a nice day and I’m stuck at my desk, I do like to have the idea of going out, stretching my legs and getting some fresh air to keep me going.  

5      Always take a break when you feel you need to. Its important to rest your eyes as well, especially for me because I do all my work on my laptop.

6      Have human contact! Being alone a lot of the time will not do any favours for your state of mind. Take time to see friends and family, and if you need to you can let out your steam.

It is understandable to get fed up with revision, and I also go through this at times. Take a break before going back into it, or fresh air might be what you need. Good luck with your revision, and if you would like any more tips do feel free to ask! 🙂

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